Text reproduced with permission from 'Australian Bride to Be'

Bridal designer Rosemary Smith just can't help getting excited when she starts talking weddings.

She shrieks with delight, sweeping around her massive studio decked with portraits of her brides, pointing out this stunning detail, that fabulous smile, showing the way fabrics pick up in the light, demonstrating how they feel and how they fall.
"Yes, I'm a romantic," she smiles. "But I'm also extremely aware of reality--a romantic realist!"
And the reality is that all going to plan a bride only gets one chance on her wedding day to wear a gown that will fulfill all her expectations and childhood dreams.

Rosemary predicts there is going to be a fashion move back to focussing on ankles and feet, 'because we've had so many years of boobs and shoulders and women there days wear so much unisex stuff and heavy shoes. I think that the emphasis is going back to beautiful shoes and feet so I am encouraging this gently.

And as for what seems a volatile nature: "I appear volatile but I'm not. I am just passionate," she says with a grin. "I allow myself that because I am terribly even. The important thing is self discipline because it doesn't matter how clever you are, you must get things done and be on time so there is no stress!"

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